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Kettering's first and only dedicated Playhouse Theatre offering a range of entertainment including: Straight Plays, Small Scale Musicals, Live Music, Themed Evenings and much more. With a licensed bar the venue is also available for hire for Conference / Meeting room, birthdays, anniversaries & other celebrations. Public parking at two locations, School Lane and Queen Street. Both are free after 6pm

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Due to the ongoing issues concerning Coronavirus, Bonkers Playhouse Theatre will remain closed until further notice.


Please note: There is a £1 per transaction postage fee when buying tickets online.
Any online ticket purchases with less than 4 days before chosen performance date, tickets will be held at the box office for collection.

Show your support for local, grassroots community theatre by making a donation to help us through these difficult times.

We’re living in unprecedented times and like many people I‘m feeling helpless. I talk about it a lot but I genuinely believe that theatre folk are some of the most resilient humans out there. That said, we need help, now more than ever. We are built on an industry of  zero hour contracts, essentially if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Like many today I have woke up fearing for my colleagues, our industry and our theatre. When our backs against the wall we show the world what we‘re really made of.

Bonkers Playhouse Theatre came to life just over two years ago following a three year period of renovation of an old warehouse building. During our first two years we have produced 15 of our own productions plus another 28 productions brought in from other local theatre companies and performers. Needless to say, Bonkers Playhouse Theatre has already become a pivotal part of our local community within the arts industry. Any sort of help you could offer, no matter how small, would be welcomed. Let’s keep this wonderful industry of ours alive.

Stay safe and look after one another.

Mark Walker (Artistic Director) Bonkers Playhouse Theatre

Bonkers Theatrical presents

Keeping Mum

This production has been postponed. It will be re booked for a date later in the year.

Anyone who has already purchased tickets, please contact the theatre for further information.

01536 601160

Jo has just moved her mum Glenda into the Woodlands Nursing Home and is trying to come to terms with their shifting roles. Glenda has dementia and is fretful, having left her imaginary ape Bobo behind – but at least she’s only stashing gateaux now instead of vodka, and her local police constabulary are waving goodbye with sweet relief. Larry the lorry driver has turned beautician and is in great demand, especially on the dance floor, while Dally the nurse glides through the mayhem bringing calm. A bittersweet comedic drama about alcohol, dementia and crawling out of the wreckage. This world premiere of a new play, written and directed by Kaye Vincent, promises laughter and tears, through family tales, hair curlers and hopi candles.

White Cobra present

The Lonesome West

This production has been postponed. It will be re booked for a date later in the year.

Anyone who has already purchased tickets, please contact White Cobra for further information.

07447 217622

It seemed like an ideal posting for the young Catholic Priest Father Welsh. The tiny Irish town of Leenane, where nothing ever happens……  Two murders later, and Father Welsh is wondering if he made the right decision. After the funeral of the father of the Connor brothers, who sadly died due to an “accident with a shotgun”, he returns to their small cottage to offer sympathy, and help the brothers cope with their grief. What he finds instead are two men who’ve spent a lifetime
bickering and arguing over the smallest thing. Are Valene and Coleman hiding a secret, and do they know more about the death of their dad than they’re letting on? A visit from local good time girl Girleen, results in a few sales of the local brew Poteen, and a series of shocking and hilarious revelations, resulting in another tragic death in Leenane, but whose?

Bonkers Playhouse present

Bingo Night

This event has been postponed. It will be re booked for a date later in the year.

Join us for a fun night of Bingo. Play with one ticket or buy a full book. Licensed bar will be open.

Free entrance, just pay for your Bingo Books.

£2 per book. £10 for 6 books.

Each book covers all 10 games.

Extra spot prizes in our bonus 11th game.

Bonkers Theatrical presents

An Evening with Gary Lineker

This production has been postponed. We will now be looking to perform it during the summer of 2021.

Anyone who has already purchased tickets, please contact the theatre for further information.

01536 601160

July 4th, 1990. In Italy, England are playing Germany in the Semi final of the World Cup. In Majorca, Bill and Monica are on holiday trying to rekindle a failing marriage. Monica dreams of an affair with Gary Lineker, the `Queen Mother of Football’, though in fact she’s been seeing Dan, a friend of Bill’s and a travel writer whose books are published by Bill’s firm. Circumstances change when Dan unexpectedly arrives at their hotel, ostensibly in Majorca to write an article. But as the game begins, the three, in the company of Bill’s colleague Ian and Birgitta, a local German tourist rep they’ve befriended, settle down to watch the game on TV. Through ninety minutes, extra time and the infamous penalty shoot out, the field of battle switches between the hotel and the Italian football pitch as Monica, Bill and the England team approach the inevitable.

Bonkers Playhouse & Touted Folly presents

The Terribly Disappointing Mr Pummel

Genre: Play (Comedy, Dark in places)

19th & 20th June

A secluded beach on a Greek island. 

A turtle called Thelma. 

And a bittersweet romance that spans twenty years. 

Twenty years ago, celebrated author and recluse, Samuel Pummel unexpectedly met the love of his life. Now they must both face the unthinkable. 

With Jimmy Dean and Caroline Emes.

Written by Floyd Toulet. Directed by Jan Drew. 

“A cast of two, a secluded beach and a story that spans twenty years, all help to make this original production both highly comic and deeply moving.” 

“Not to be missed” 

“A wonderful, bittersweet play” 

Funny and so sad” 

“Will be remembered. Very moving” 

Presented by the writer of V&A recognised KNOCK KNOCK and internationally broadcast SNARED

Touring the South East of England, London and Midlands 2019 / 2020


Bonkers Theatrical presents

Bonkers Do… The Rat Pack

Genre: Song

9th to 11th July

Continuing with the ‘Bonkers Do…’ theme, this time we attack The Rat Pack. Join us as we perform some of the best loved swing songs from the Rat Pack era. Guaranteed to be hit after hit of some of the most well known songs ever written. Limited tickets available, so book early.


Bonkers Playhouse presents

Poker Night

Genre: Fundraiser

Friday 17th July 2020

Join us for a fun
night of Poker. Beginners and experienced players welcome. Mini League
format, so you are never out of the game for too long. £10 buy in gets
you 5 games during the night. Licensed bar.

Bonkers Theatrical presents

The Queen Of Horror


We Apologise For The Inconvenience

Genre: Play (Dark Comedy)

15th to 19th Sept

The Queen Of Horror

Successful novelist Hannah Gold, nicknamed 'The Queen of Horror', is being interviewed by a young fan for a podcast. But is her interviewer who she claims to be? And what does she really want?

We Apologise For The Inconvenience

It’s 1984 and Douglas Adams’s editor has locked him in a hotel room in a desperate attempt to get the reluctant author to finish the 4th book in his popular Hitchhiker’s Guide trilogy. Notoriously bad with deadlines, Adams is far too busy distracting himself with Life, the Universe and Anything Else Apart From Writing to care, including reflections on his failed Hollywood career, PG Wodehouse, evolution, his relationship with the Pythons and the fine art of tea-making. Will he make the deadline?  Oh, and there’s a talking duck in it.


Cytringan Players present

Men Of The World

Genre: Play (Comedy)

Tues 6th to Sat 10th Oct 2020

Larry, Stick and Frank, three coach drivers, share their experiences of passengers on previous trips to exotic locations such as Folkstone, and getting stuck in the channel tunnel for hours. The affection, frustration and black humour in their observations emphasises that you can take the lad out of Yorkshire, but not Yorkshire out of t'lad.


Next Page Productions present

From Me To 3792

Genre: Play (Dramatic)

Saturday 17th Oct 2020

A one woman show. Diane has a seemingly idyllic lifestyle and would never have dreamed of writing to a total stranger, let alone a murderer, but she is not content and after a disparaging remark from her husband decides, on a whim, to write to a prisoner on death-row in America. Is she doing this because of the lack of love from her career focused husband; increasingly independent children, or is it a cry for help? The consequences of her actions reveal more to her about life and her marriage.

Bonkers Playhouse present

Dr John's Cabinet of Curiosities

Genre: Magic

39th & 31st Oct 2020

Come and join our resident magician, Dr John, as he presents his new and very dark show, 'Cabinet of Curiosities'. His last show with us was a sell out so we would suggest booking your tickets early.


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