15th to 19th Nov Bonkers Theatrical presents An Evening With Gary Lineker


15th to 19th Nov 2022

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The first 32 people to book tickets for An Evening With Gary Lineker will be entered into our World Cup Competition. If you are one of the lucky 32, once booking is completed, you will be assigned (at random) one of the 32 teams that will play in this years World Cup. At the end of the tournament the person holding the winning team will recieve a £20 voucher courtesey of Bonkers Playhouse Theatre. 2nd place will recieve a £10 voucher and 3rd place will recieve a £5 voucher. Get booking those tickets. You will be notified via email if you are one of the lucky 32.

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July 4th, 1990. In Italy, England are playing Germany in the Semi final of the World Cup. In Majorca, Bill and Monica are on holiday trying to rekindle a failing marriage. Monica dreams of an affair with Gary Lineker, the `Queen Mother of Football’, though in fact she’s been seeing Dan, a friend of Bill’s and a travel writer whose books are published by Bill’s firm. Circumstances change when Dan unexpectedly arrives at their hotel, ostensibly in Majorca to write an article. But as the game begins, the three, in the company of Bill’s colleague Ian and Birgitta, a local German tourist rep they’ve befriended, settle down to watch the game on TV. Through ninety minutes, extra time and the infamous penalty shootout, the field of battle switches between the hotel and the Italian football pitch as Monica, Bill and the England team approach the inevitable.


Monica – Jane Walker   Bill – Alan Galway   Dan – Seb Goss   Ian – Martin Grover   Birgitta – San Hammonds   Swing – Bob Mutch

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